fiorimauro bernardi

Born and resident in Selva di Val Gardena, author of several mountain publications, with 30 years of professional experience all over the world, patient and meticulous, presents the fascinating world of climbing in its various activities:

via ferrata, sport climbing and mountaineering. These activities are suitable for young people and adults and find a perfect field of action in our valley surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world: the DOLOMITES.

Enter the heart of this magical world to discover the intimate richness of the mountains and perceive the true message of the mountain: the experience lived in first person, in harmony with the environment, will make you find the now lost "time for to breathe".

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Mauro Bernardi, author of the new mountain guides from Val Gardena, Cortina d'Ampezzo and Catinaccio.

Arrampicare in Val Gardena Arrampicare in Val Gardena e Dolomiti Arrampicare vie alpinistiche facili

Arrampicare a Cortina d'Ampezzo Arrampicare sul Catinaccio Arrampicare nelle Dolomiti
Reservations and information
+39 340 2429752 (as well Whatsapp)

More informations on request at your accommodation in Val Gardena.


  • Bookings for day trips must be made before 7.00pm of the day prior to the trip.

    The exits are carried out every day, on request even in desired days. Climbing with the indicated prices takes place with a minimum number of 2 or 3 participants. The registration fee refers to the performance of the mountain guide, excluding car transfers and ski lifts. The equipment missing for trips and courses will be made available free of charge. Special prices for groups and families.

    Climbing in Val Gardena and in the Dolomites takes place from June to October. Mauro Bernardi is of course also available for outings outside the organized program and on any mountain terrain. The organizing mountain guide, in the absence of his availability, avails himself of the collaboration of other guides.

    Via ferrata

    The via ferratas are routes equipped with metal ropes, ladders and bridges, where people can secure themselves with rope clips, a sink and two carabiners.

    Built in the early 1900s by mountain enthusiasts, they were intended to make it easier to pass steep walls, allowing them to reach the summit even for those who were not experienced and skilled climbers. During the First World War, the via ferratas became indispensable for the supply and transport of war material.

    They were then subsequently taken up and enhanced by combining historical tradition and modernity with a recognized activity. A sporting and mountaineering gesture, the via ferratas have thus become an almost obligatory passage for the encounter with the real mountain and climbing.

    vie ferratevie ferrate

    vie ferratevie ferrate


    1. Level (beginners):

    Daily routes specially chosen for beginners: Grande e Piccola Cir (2592 m), Col Rodella (2484 m), Averau (2649 m) , Piramide di Col dei Bos (2488 m)

    every day             per person €105,-

    2. Level:

    Tridentina (2587 m), Piz da Lech (2910 m), Sas Rigais (3025 m), Oskar Schuster (2955 m), Santner (2734 m), Roda di Vael (2806 m), Masarè (2720 m), Strobel (2240 m), Bianchi (3154 m), Col Rosà (2166 m), Trincee (2727 m)

    every day           per person €120,-

    3. Level:

    Stevia/Pertini (2.312 m), Mesule (2965 m), Tomaselli (2889 m), Trincee (2727 m), Cresta ovest della Marmolada (3344 m), Lipella (3225 m), Finanzieri (2715 m), Punta Anna (2910 m)

    every day           per person €140,-

    4. Level:

    Piazzetta (3152 m), Eterna (2962 m), Costantini (2878 m), Alleghesi (3220 m), Monte Faloria (2343 m)

    every day           per person €160,-

    Climbing courses

    A good mountaineering school brings the necessary fruits to move in the mountains, compared to the car license to drive on the roads. We mountain guides have learned about the experiences and secrets of our predecessors, which we in turn try to convey.

    The courses are suitable for beginners, following a didactic logic based on personal preparation. You will learn the technique of climbing and insurance in via ferrata and roped, through the various levels of difficulty.

    Lessons will be held outdoors and in the field with theoretical interventions. If you want to go to the mountains, entrust yourself to those who know it, it will be an enrichment to your knowledge.


    1 Day

    per person €110,-

    3 Days

    per person €330,-

    5 Days

    per person €550,-

    Mountaineering Tours

    Climbing in Val Gardena was born with the conquest of the surrounding peaks; the Sassolungo was climbed for the first time in 1869. From these pioneers and explorers of the vertical derives the definition of mountaineering and mountaineers: a complex and articulated activity with purely historical nuances.

    The desire to climb and reach the summit, which has always been fascinating for man, led climbing to a development consistent with the times, acquiring a particular physiognomy with the introduction of the Welzenbach (1926) and subsequent opening to the 'high, to now be practiced with enthusiasm and safety by thousands of enthusiasts. A "fascinating art" that introduces us to the interiority of the mountain, giving us authentic and genuine intoxication, expanding the perspectives of our horizons.

    itinerari alpinistici

    1. Level (beginners): II-III

    Accessible to all, it is an experience to try where everyone's expectations will not be disappointed. I propose daily school rock outings combined with easy itineraries that reach the Dolomite peaks. I. e II. Torre del Sella, Torri del Cir, Piccola Fermeda, Cinque Torri.

    every day           per person €160,-

    2. Level: III-IV

    I. e II. Torre del Sella (itinerari diversi), Cinque Dita (Via Normale-Il Pollice), Ciavazes (Del Torso), Piccola Fermeda (Via dei Camini), Sas Stria (spigolo sud), Piccola Torre di Falzarego (itinerari diversi), Sas Pordoi (Maria), Torri del Vajolet (Spigolo Delago)

    every day           per person €180,-

    3. Level: IV-V

    I., II., III., IV., Torre del Sella (itinerari diversi), Ciavazes (Piccola Micheluzzi-Rossi/Tomasi), Grande Cir (Demetz), Cinque Dita (Kiene), Sassopiatto (Goedeke), Sas Ciampac (Adang), Sas Pordoi (Gross), Meisules dala Biesces (Spigolo Sieglinde)

    every day           per person €190,-

    4. Level: V-VI

    I., II., III., IV., Torre del Sella (itinerari diversi), Ciavazes (Grande Micheluzzi/Schubert/Abram), Torre Brunico (Zieglauer), Meisules dala Biesces (Brunsin/Triathlon/L‘Nein), Sas dla Luesa (Vinatzer), Salame del Sassolungo (Comici), Sas dla Crusc (Messner)

    every day           costo secondo tariffa guide alpine

    Conquest of peaks

    ... on all peaks of Dolomites

    The highest peaks of the Dolomites are just over three thousand meters high, above all the Marmolada with its 3344 m. Reaching one of these peaks is tiring and involves some training, but the beauty and charm of the organizational preparation, the discovery of the route, the panoramic perspectives and the satisfaction of having made it, leave great emotions.

    By popular demand I propose these goals: Sassolungo (3181 m), Cima Grande di Lavaredo (2999 m) Marmolada (3344 m), Catinaccio (2981 m), Tofana di Rozzes (3225 m), Punta Grohmann (3126 m), Cinque Dita (2996 m), Grande Fermeda (2873 m)

    every day           price according to mountain guides


    Italy & Aboard

    Arco - Lake Garda

    There is no better place to climb in spring and autumn than the Sarca Valley. Thanks to the mild and mild climate of these periods, in recent years Arco has become an international meeting point for climbers, who find here the most beautiful sport climbing cliffs, alpine climbing routes of all levels and a great choice of via ferata.

    If you have never climbed so far and want to start, if you want to prepare yourself adequately for the following season or if you simply want to get to know this area, I am happy to host you and offer you the logistic base for weekend internships (two days even midweek).

    april/may or october/november           per person €300,-




    As an alternative to the Dolomites still covered with snow, I propose some wonderful places for climbing. One of these is in the National Park of Paklenica, considered the „sanctuary“ of Croatian climbing.

    Rich in karst terrain and a deep canyon called "Velika Paklenica", it offers compact and unique rock. Strongly worked by the erosion of the water, it presents deep lines in some sharp cases, which distinguishes the place. From the underground shelter „Bunker di Tito“ (open to visitors), hundreds of routes run along the walls of the long gorge, with exhilarating climbing.

    7 days, 5 climbing days, accommodation, transfer by boat and car (A+R), mountain guide

    april/may or october           per person €1100,-


    Located in Thessaly, in central-northern Greece, there are the so-called: "towers of meditation"; there are over 160, excluding those conquered by the Orthodox monks in 1200, where the ancient monasteries are still erected today. These towers, with their soft and shaped shapes, reach up to 300 m in altitude, offering an original climbing on a solid merle conglomerate.

    The air that one breathes here is mystical and climbing reconciles and blends with the peculiarity of the place.

    8 days, 5 climbing days, accommodation, transfers by train and car (A+R), mountain guide

    april/may or october           per person €1460,-




    The vast territory of Bohemia of the '500 is now located, divided between the Czech Republic and the former East Germany. A few steps from this border and in the German plains, the great and navigable Elbe river winds among castles and fortresses, lapped by different groups of beautiful rock towers:

    we are in the region of Saxony (Sächsische Schweiz) 20 km from the so-called "German Florence" the fascinating city of Dresden. in the Bohemian area there are over 6000 sandstone towers, while in Saxony, the site of this proposal, we have only 1200 available ... Climbing on the "sand" is a unique experience, where history tells us that here free climbing was born reaching the seventh grade already in 1920!

    7 days, 5 climbing days, accommodation, transfers by car (A+R), mountain guide

    april/may or october           per person €1080,-

    Other interesting climbing weeks

    Sicily - Climbing in Palermo and San Vito Lo Capo 1.400€
    Apuan Alps - Wils zones and local culture 1.100€
    Calanques - Climb the famouse water cliffs 1.350€
    Montserrat - Solid conglomerate around the homonymous monastery 1.450€
    Costa Blanca - Like Dolomite walls and fabulous rock 1.550€
    Mallorca - Perfect combination of sea and mountain 1.500€

    Tenerife - Particular volcanic rock under the Teide 1.650€
    Crete - In Matala (IV) or Yerapetra (VI) with the minotaur 1.620€
    Leonidio - The new Kalymnos 1.400€
    Crimea - Dream walls on the Black Sea 1.600€
    Antalya - Endless mountains and archaeological coast 1.450€
    Jordan - Climb Wadi Rum and fairytale starry nights 2.600€
    Oman - As many mountains as the Dolomites but on another planet 2.800€

    Freeride and ski tours

    During the winter and at high altitude the Dolomites become inaccessible and slippery, yet there is a wonderful means of skiing, which makes them spectacular and welcoming.

    The growing practice of these activities, the off-piste and ski mountaineering, paves the way to a new world once unthinkable.

    With today's technology and modern equipment you can wander and descend a little everywhere, between classic and new scenarios. The magic of fresh snow, the ease of transfers, the silence and the quiet of the hidden valleys, make you feel and love this beautiful nature in such a different way.



    Gruppo del Sella (Val Mezdi, Val Lasties, Val Culea, Val Setus, Attraversata del Piz Boè), Marmolada (Punta Rocca – itinerari diversi)

    per person €160,-

    Ski tours:

    Easy daily exit for beginners. National park Puez-Odle (oltre 6 itinerari diversi), Gruppo del Sassolungo (Forcella del Sassolungo, Sassopiatto, Forcella del Dente, Piz Uridl), Gruppo del Sella (itinerari diversi), Val Travenanzes (Cortina d’Ampezzo), Marmolada (Forcella della Marmolada, Punta Penia, Punta Rocca, Attraversata del Passo Ombretta)

    per person €180,-

    Ski tour week:

    Starting point is Selva di Val Gardena, connected to the famous Superski Dolomiti circuit. Between powdery snow and "firn", between natural parks and vertical walls, ski-mountaineering is characterized by full contact with nature.

    7 days half board, 5 climbing days, transfers by car and taxi, skipass, mountain guide

    march/april           per person €1500,-

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